Corporate Watch
Examines almost every type of corporate crime and the nature and mechanisms of corporate power, both economic and political.

Do It Yourself
Do It Yourself - A Handbook for Changing our World, is a radical guide to ethical and sustainable living, edited by The Trapese Collective. It's a practical guide exploring how we can build radical, meaningful social change, ourselves, here and now. Robert thought it was "Kaleidoscopic, energetic and refreshingly full of practical details. Could become a cult classic." You can't argue with that.

Independent Media Center
Indymedia is a collective of independent media organizations and hundreds of journalists offering grassroots, non-corporate coverage. Read and contribute to the news ignored by the mainstream media.

Low Carbon Network
Low Carbon Network raises awareness of the links between buildings, the working and living patterns they support, and global warming, focusing on projects that are both low carbon and low cost. Check out the tasty, tasty photos of their Earthship near Brighton.

The Man In Seat 61
How to travel overland comfortably and affordably without using air travel.

Correcting the distorted vision of the corporate media. Sign up for their excellent alerts.

Palestine Solidarity Campaign
The largest and most active campaigning organisation in the UK on the issue of Palestine, aiming to build an effective mass campaign, organising protests, political lobbying and raising public awareness.

Informative site dedicated to raising awareness of the imminence and consequences of global peak oil production and beyond.

Rising Tide
A network of small groups and individuals dedicated to taking local action and building a movement against climate change.

Transition Network
Transition Network's role is to inspire, encourage, connect, support and train communities as they self-organise around the transition model, creating initiatives that rebuild resilience and reduce CO2 emissions.