Fabian Questionnaire

November 2006

Robert Newman

Leading up to their New Year Conference, the Fabian Society are asking prominent politicians, academics and cultural figures for their thoughts on ten years of Labour in power, for inclusion in the winter issue of the Fabian Review.

1 What do you see as the successes of Labourís ten years in power?

1. Peace in the Middle East.
2. Increased voter turn-out at elections reflecting people's enhanced sense of participation.
3. Protecting democracy from the influence of corporate power.

2 What three things are the biggest disappointments?

1. 500,000 children killed by US/UK sanctions regime in Iraq.
2. 100,000 civilians killed by war in Iraq.
3. Increased carbon emissions .... Thanks, New Labour!

3 If you were trapped in a lift with Gordon Brown what single issue what you bring to his attention?

There is no market-based solution to a market-based problem.

4 Which rising political figure do you believe will come to prominence in the next few years?

440 parts per million carbon molecules in the atmosphere. Thanks, New Labour!