The Entirely Accurate Encyclopedia of Evolution

The Entirely Accurate Encyclopedia of Evolution

The book

In this witty, fact-packed A-Z, Robert takes the reader on a whirlwind tour from caring, sharing vampire bats to intelligent slime-mould; from pacifist baboons to Richard Dawkins wrestling naked with his postman; from the invisibility cloak of the Hawaiian bobtail squid to Francis ‘DNA’ Crick’s belief that life on earth began with alien spaceships.

The Encyclopaedia is in bookshops now, and also available direct from Freight Books. Hardback, £11.99. ISBN 978-1-908885-53-1.

"It's a terrific book, and a nice thing, a nice size - it's an artefact." BBC Radio 6 Music Radcliffe and Maconie

"A sustained, witty swipe at Dawkins's world-view... You see that chink of light in the dark, overcast sky, that's you that is." Daily Telegraph

The Radio 4 show

Rob's new Radio 4 series, Robert Newman's Entirely Accurate Encyclopedia of Evolution begins on 15th October at 11.00pm.

Rob Newman
Rob: "I just hope the broadcast captures the atmosphere of the live recording."
Claire Price
Five minutes before radio recording, Claire Price reacts with equanimity on being told that Rob has rewritten the opening sketch for the seventh time that day.

Written by Rob Newman, starring Claire Price, with Jenni Murray as the voice of the Encyclopaedia.

"Newman combines proper scientific argument with dazzling shafts of wit." The Times