Black Box mural

This is a snap of the fifty foot high mural on the side of the Black Box venue in Belfast, where I did my first public reading of The Trade Secret as part of the OTL festistival You can just see the front of the two-storey building at the left of the frame, but otherwsie my rubbish photgraphy fails to give a sense of scale. I was honoured, as I told the audience, that the festival organisers should have commissioned a mural recreating a key scene from Chapter 12 of The Trade Secret. I then read to them the scene that involves this actual sword fight, so that they could see how well the muralist had caught the mood of the confrontation between Sir Thomas Sherley and Nat Bramble, east of Aldgate.

Some of the other murals I saw around the city, especially the ones on the end terraces of housing estates, were, I felt, less successful in capturing key scenes from the novel. In fact, I once or twice doubted whether the muralists had even read the book at all!