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Welcome to the Most Splendid Electrical Website of Mr Robert Newman

Robert's new book Neuropolis - A Brain Science Survival Guide was published by Harper Collins on 20th April, and the new Radio 4 comedy series Robert Newman's Neuropolis will be broadcast every Tuesday at 6.30pm from April 18th to May 9th, and stars Claire Price and Tony-award winner Richard McCabe.

Robert Newman's Entirely Accurate Encyclopaedia of Evolution won the award for Best Scripted Comedy with a Live Audience at the BBC Audio Drama Awards.

Robert's only confirmed gig for 2017 s is a CND benefit at the Bradford Playhouse on May 12th.

Listen to Rob being interviewed about The Brain Show by Kerri Smith on the science journal Nature's podcast.

Read Rob's Food for Thought interview in the Independent.

The Entirely Accurate Encyclopedia of Evolution book has been published to tie in with Rob's Radio 4 series, which began on 15th October. Here's the Entirely Accurate book cover!

Read Robert's Philosophy Now article Can Robots Be Ethical?.

Here's a wonderful review of The Trade Secret, by the Historical Novel Society.

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